Crack a beer.
Back a bowlo.


Bowlo rolls down like a dream.

Bowlo is a classic full-flavoured lager, guaranteed to crush an Aussie Summer-magnitude thirst. You’re going to want to make a detour past those fancy imported beer taps to get your hands around a Bowlo Draught.

Brewed by bowlers, for bowlers, Bowlo Draught was dreamt-up on the green to celebrate the time-honoured traditions of the great Aussie bowlo and to be enjoyed by old hands and newcomers alike.

Available on tap or in 375ml cans and made from the finest 100% Australian ingredients, Bowlo Draught is the perfect refreshing drop for a day on the green or an evening kicking-back in the clubhouse.

Grab a Bowlo Draught and sip in the atmosphere of the majestic patch of Australia that is your local bowlo. We hope you’re able to enjoy one in good company, wherever you’re rolling.

ABV: 4.2%

IBU: 14.5

Made from 100% Australian Ingredients.

Keep your local rolling.

Proudly supporting
local bowling clubs

As well as being a you-beaut, 100% classic Australian lager, a portion of the profits from every Bowlo Draught sold goes back to supporting local bowling clubs, helping them to keep their doors open long into the future. 

Nothing beats a day spent in good company at your local bowling club. Sprinkled in just about every town and suburb of this great country we call home, the great Australian bowlo is a place where friendships are formed, rivalries are forged, and where visitors can always expect to have a laugh and receive a welcoming smile. 

Bowling clubs are a vital part of the fabric of local communities, and are especially important to regional towns and older Australians – both of whom had a pretty tough time in 2020 in particular. 

While we all like the idea of our local clubs soldiering-on into the future as a reminder of a simpler, relaxed Australia, without your support these clubs are in danger of becoming a part of yesteryear as they experience declines in membership and patronage.

You can help keep an important part of your local community vibrant and secure by joining your nearest bowling club. And after all, why wouldn’t you? The bowlo is a bit like the pub, but even better…because you can play bowls there. 

So enjoy a Bowlo Draught in good company, and it will taste even better knowing that you’re helping to Keep Your Local Rolling.

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The gentle art of lawn bowls.

We might be biased but we reckon lawn bowls is the greatest game going around.

No other sport allows people of any age, gender or ability to meet on an even playing field – lawn bowls is a contest of skill, strategy and character. The green is where friendships are formed, and rivalries are forged – all in the spirit of good competition. And there’s no greater tradition in bowls than enjoying a hard-earned beer after your game, and shouting your opponent one – win, lose or draw. Join your local club and get stuck in!