After the best part of a year of hard work, we were beyond stoked to finally blow the froth off our first batch of Bowlo Draught and put it out into the world. A big thanks for the support from all the legendary people who helped us out along the way. 

A special thanks in particular must go out to all our partner bowling clubs around Sydney who jumped at the chance to stock Bowlo Draught at launch and share the love with their members and locals alike. 

We had the chance to chat about Bowlo Draught with a few different media outlets when we launched, and talk about the importance of bowlos, why we started up the brand, and more. Take a peek at the links below to hear a bit more from us. 

Karl and Ali at the Today Show on Channel 9

Deb Knight at 2GB / 4BC Radio 

Article image for Duo responds to plight of Aussie tradition armed with beer

Andy Young from The Shout