Why did we decide to make Bowlo Draught?

Two mates, Matty and Al, both suddenly found ourselves redundant one day back in 2020 thanks to a cheeky little bug called COVID-19. Bugger.

Both members of Bondi Bowling Club, they bumped their heads together to find a way to support not only the club that has supported our local area since 1933, but to celebrate the bowling clubs right across Australia that give back so much to their local communities. 

As well as sharing a love of bowls and a love of great beer, they’re also heartbroken every time they hear news that yet another classic bowlo has been forced to close their doors for good. Just like their club, each and every one of those bowlos are rich with decades-worth of history, memories, and friendships. Not wanting to think of all those honour boards, photographs and trophies being consigned to the tip, they decided that “enough is enough”. 

One afternoon, kicking-back with a couple of middies after a hard-fought game of bowls, they asked themselves: “Why don’t we brew the perfect beer for the game of bowls?”. And so a plan was hatched. They decided to go and brew a classic Aussie lager to be the perfect companion for an arvo on the green, and for people everywhere to “raise a tin” to the bowlo out of the fridges and eskies of Australia. They even found themselves the perfect brewing partner in Andy Orrell from Hairyman Brewery, who bowls for Taren Point.

But the plan was to make more than just a ripping beer – they want to make sure that everyone has the chance to experience the majestic atmosphere of the great Aussie bowlo, and keep them rolling long into the future.